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"Canada's contribution to the development of electroacoustic music is important. I'll go even farther: Canada's contribution to electroacoustic music is out of all proportion to its population or the support (financial or moral) that it has received. And, in a most unCanadian way, I believe that we should recognize this contribution, and feel good about it." (excerpt from "A (Highly) Selective View of Canadian Electroacoustic Music", MUSICANADA , 57, June 1986, 5-6.)

~ Bill Buxton, designer and researcher

The selections in this gallery provide a glimpse into the activities of Canadian composers in the area of electronic music. While each work stands as an example of the composer's unique compositional voice, they also reveal an indebtedness to one another and the ongoing tradition of electronic music in this country.

Scientist in music The Reprieve Beneath the Forest Floor Concerto pour Ondes-Martenot Riverrun
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