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Jeux de societ

Jeux de societ

The Award

Denys Bouliane’s Jeux de societe was the 1982 prize winner for the CBC National Radio Competition for Young Composers and the Gaudeamus Foundation Competition in Holland.

Founded in 1945, the Gaudeaumus Foundation is a renowned centre for contemporary music in Amsterdam. It organizes and promotes contemporary musical activities and concerts both in The Netherlands and abroad. Gaudeamus focuses on supporting the development of young composers and musicians through its library facilities, contacts with international organizations, and its own activities including the International Gaudeamus Music Week.

CBC Radio’s Young Composer Competition is held every two years and is administered by the Canada Council for the Arts. The competition is open to composers under the age of 30 in three categories: chamber, electronic and orchestral works. Other winners of this award include Analia Llugdar, Brian Current, Ana Sokolovic, Michael Oesterle, Melissa Hui, Jacques Tremblay, Chris Paul Harman, John Oliver, and Mario Rodrigue.


Jeux de societe, a work for woodwind quintet and piano in five parts, is a piece that is at once light and satirical. Its structure and thematic content are inspired by the free and easy character of the games people play. The piece begins with a game of “Blind Man’s Bluff”. “The Telephone Game” is a circular game with a fragment that unpredictably works its way into a Chopin etude. In the “Poker Party”, the piano is the dealer. “The Interludes” provides a short break before the chattery “Gossip” section.

I like many different pieces for many different reasons. If you were to listen to only one piece, I would suggest Jeux de Société. It is a very lively work for piano and woodwind quintet; it has some very special exuberant passages, and also has a bit of "tongue-in-cheek", as if the players were trying to sound a bit bigger than they really are!” – Denys Bouliane (interview on National Arts Centre website).

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