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For the Time Being

For the Time Being


Brian Current’s For the Time Being was the “Work selected in the category of composers under 30” at the 2001 International Rostrum of Composers (IRC). The IRC is a forum of representatives of broadcasting organizations who come together for the purpose of exchanging and broadcasting contemporary music. Initiated in 1954, the IRC is organized by the International Music Council with the assistance of UNESCO and participating radio networks.

Other Canadian composers who have been acknowledged at the IRC in recent years include Chris Paul Harman, Sergio Barroso, Kelly-Marie Murphy, Paul Steenhuisen, Eric Morin, Harry Freedman, Pierre-K. Klanac, Jocelyn Morlock, Abigail Richardson, Serge Provost and T. Patrick Carrabre.


For the Time Being was composed for the Nouvel Ensemble Moderne in 1999 with support from the Canada Council for the Arts. Brian’s goal was to create a piece that was textural and goal-oriented, music that is always going somewhere. Each of the three sections of this works ends with a climactic area where a wash of ensemble-wide gestures lurch and drift in and out of major chords. These are in some instances meant to sound mechanical but at other times they are meant to sound like music that wants to be alive, or breathing. Major triads are used to provide familiar sonorities, causing the ear to relax slightly as if finding an old friend amidst a sea of changing textures and clusters. For Brian the title For the Time Being seemed appropriate as it contains a triple-entendre that speaks of time and of being and of the present moment.

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