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Fall Fair

Fall Fair


Godfrey Ridout was commissioned by the CBC to write an Overture for an Occasion but during the composing process the ideas that kept coming to him were not the typical solemn images associated with important world events. He was drawn to the images of Canada's fall fairs. The composer said I couldn't get fall fairs out of my head. I used to go to the fair at Lakefield when I was a kid, and what I remember best is the dust. There were horse races and dust, a ferris wheel and dust, sideshows and dust.

The resulting work Fall Fair - is a short, striking, and characteristic work which employs a dancing tempo, a band effect to evoke several different musical colours. This small overture, which is approximately six minutes long, has become one of the most widely-known ( and performed ) Canadian works.


Fall Fair was premiered by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Symphony Orchestra at the United Nations Day ceremonies in the Great Hall of the UN General Assembly (New York) on Tuesday, October 24 th , 1961. This ceremony was held to commemorate the 15 th Anniversary of the signing the United Nations Charter. The archival recording featured here is the CBC broadcast of the premiere with Lorne Green announcing.

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