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Canada dash Canada dot - part III

Canada dash Canada dot - part III


This piece - a "collage trilogy" - was a CBC Radio commission for the Centennial of Confederation in 1967. It was commissioned in three parts (produced respectively in 1965, 1966, 1967). The CBC's Director of Music, John Roberts, who had envisioned it as a Centennial entertainment, said he was not sure that by 1967 the annual budget would be able to pay for it the commission would have to be pay-as-you-go. Luckily, all three installments made it to air.  

The collages are scored for speakers and singers accompanied by a small group of instrumentalists, who present musically independent ideas according to stop-start cues.


Keith MacMillan Producer, writer, editor, and one-time Executive Director of the Canadian Music Centre - had this to say about Canada Dash, Canada Dot :

Among John Beckwith's most original works is a series of collaborations with (James) Reaney from the 1960's, intended for radio, which they called collages'. They evolved a format of great flexibility where disparate musical and poetic ideas are juxtaposed and superimposed, operating in real' time yet traversing freely along a continuum that includes past and present. The resulting mosaics are more than just sound experiences they are also eloquent and compassionate interrogations of Canadian identity. To single out a representative section from these pieces is unfair to both Beckwith and Reaney, but in the second section of Canada Dot , Canada Dash (The line up and down') there exists a remarkable trip' up Toronto 's Yonge Street , out to the suburbs, and finishing at the village of Sharon . For this writer the Sharon section might be one of the most eloquent moments in Canadian music.

MacMillan, Keith and Beckwith, John, eds. Contemporary Canadian Composers . Toronto: Oxford University Press, 1975. 20.  

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