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Rose Latulippe

Rose Latulippe


Rose Latulippe (1966), a three-act ballet with choreography by Brian Macdonald set to music by Harry Freedman, was the first-full length Canadian ballet. Commissioned for the Royal Winnipeg Ballet to commemorate Canada's Centennial, the ballet takes place in a community on the St Lawrence River in 1740 and concerns a young girl bewitched by the devil but saved by the love and devotion of her family and fianc. Freedman's music is serial in technique and evokes regional colour through dance rhythms and melodic figures.

Rose Latulippe was premiered on August 16, 1966 by the Royal Winnipeg Ballet at the Stratford Festival in a production that was broadcast on CBC TV's "Music Canada" on April 12, 1967. This broadcast marked the first CBC special to be broadcast in colour. The ballet was also presented at the Charlottetown Festival from August 8-19 August, 1967 and the Toronto's Royal Alexandra Theatre on August 25-26, 1967.


Harry Freedman (1922-2005) - Born in Poland, Freedman came to Canada with his family when he was three. His early training was as a visual artist but he developed an interest in jazz which soon spread to classical music. At eighteen, he began studying clarinet and after four years in the RCAF during the war, he came to Toronto to study oboe and composition (with John Weinzweig) at the Royal Conservatory of Music. The following year he joined the Toronto Symphony as its English horn player, a position he held for 24 years until he resigned in 1970 to devote his full time to composing. Apart from brief periods with Aaron Copland, Olivier Messiaen, and Ernst Krenek, the 5 years he spent with Weinzweig were the extent of his formal composition studies.

Freedman is one of Canada's most frequently performed composers. His output includes over 200 compositions ranging from solo voice to choir, from symphonies to string, wind and brass ensembles, from theatre to dance stage and from film to television programs. Freedman was one of a handful of composers who earned their livelihoods solely from their music. His wide experience in all musical fields enabled him to write in many different idioms, all of which have contributed to and are recognizable in his musical style.

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